From idea to realization, participants will gain not only the hands on experience in the application of digital tools, but also be equipped with the crucial skills that are important to the emerging world.

It is not only having expertise on media field, but also the key element of being pioneer in the society.


  • Equip students with key skills needed, including:
    1. Knowledge of Digital tools
    2. Adaptability/Versatility
    3. Ethical Aptitude
    4. Responsibility and Commitment
    5. Data Literacy
    6. Cultural Intelligence
  • Enhance ability on the application on different media forms
  • Generate and analyze data and information through media and technologies tools
  • Build up creative communication skills on presentation

Participants will experience the operation on the latest technologies and learn in an effective way to transform idea to an end product. By applying the skills of communication, creativity and technologies, in order to drive the society a better place.

Features of the School
With the rich content of the Summer School, not only will participants acquire knowledge about skills for tomorrow, but they will also achieve satisfaction in producing their brainchild.

A 2-day-visit to Foshan, Guangdong by taking High Speed Rail Link will be offered. The visit to the Central Television Nanhai Film Studio provides chance for participants to grasp the media development of the city.

Participants will learn from theory to practical through all-rounded media and technologies activities.


DAY Date Morning Session Afternoon Session
1 16/7 Social Communication Team-Building
2 18/7 Trip of Insight: Exploring the smart city in Greater Bay Area
3 19/7
4 23/7 Media Workshop: On-air Media Workshop: Online
5 25/7 Film Production Workshop
6 26/7 Big Data Exploration Touch Rugby
7 30/7 AR & VR Application Thai boxing
8 31/7 Drone Coding Tutorial
9 1/8 APP-Design Workshop
10 2/8 Independent Group Project
11 3/8 Closing Ceremony#
- M21 reserves the right to modify the rules and contents of the classes.
# Parents and guests will be invited to join the Closing Ceremony.