your card!

your card!

Unlock your achievement !


- 5 cards unlocked -
- 3 different cards -

This is the first medal you receive, which recognizes that you have made some positive impact. It is the first big step forward. Good try and carry on!


- 12 cards unlocked -
- 5 different cards -

It does not only recognize your positive attitude and behavior but also the positive influence on others. Well done!


- 20 cards unlocked -
- 6 different cards -

You may start to realize that you have become a popular positive leader among your friends. This medal is more than recognition, which reminds you about being a trusted positive role model.

Diamond Trophy


- 30 cards unlocked -
- 8 different cards -

The DIAMOND TROPHY is the greatest acknowledgement to you. Incessant positive attitude and behaviour which make positive impact on others have been clearly demonstrated by you. We are more than delighted to see your positivity shines like the brilliant star on this trophy. We are proud of you!