Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2021
Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2021
Rules of Contest
1. 個人組(小學)
2. 個人組(中學)
3. 團體組(小學)
4. 團體組(中學)

  • 方法一: 於比賽網站報名及上載參賽作品;
  • 方法二: 以電郵提交參賽表格及作品(電郵地址:;或
  • 方法三: 將參賽表格及作品寄往「香港仔石排灣邨商場LG 2 層2室」,信封面請註明「健康四格漫畫創作大賽2021」。

  • 所有作品必須是以手繪或電腦繪畫之四格漫畫。
  • 所有作品必須是原創作品,並從未公開發佈。
  • 所有手繪作品必須繪畫於A4白色繪畫紙上,繪畫工具不限。
  • 所有電腦繪圖作品的原始製作檔案格式必須為300dpi或以上的JPEG或PNG檔案,完稿面積必須為29.7厘米x 21厘米(A4);主辦機構有權不接受任何不符合指定規格作品。
  • 電腦繪圖作品不得使用電腦軟件圖案(例如:Clip Art等) 。

40% 內容 - 切合主題
20% 創意及原創概念
20% 繪畫技巧
20% 構圖及美學觀感

  • 參賽作品可包含中文或英文的說明文字。
  • 所有參賽作品不能含有淫褻或不雅的內容,並且不可包含人身攻擊、誹謗、個人/商品/宗教/政治宣傳的成分,否則主辦機構可取消有關參賽作品的資格。
  • 參加者須確保其參賽作品不會侵犯其他人的知識產權。
  • 電影、報刊及物品管理辦事處(電影報刊辦)有權將參加者提交的作品作非牟利用途,並有權修改、翻譯、改編、使用、複製及派發參賽作品的全部或部分內容,而毋須事前取得參加者的同意,參加者亦不得收取任何費用。
  • 參加者須同意將其參賽作品的一切知識產權,無條件地轉讓及轉移給電影報刊辦。所有參賽作品恕不退還。
  • 主辦機構會為本比賽舉辦工作坊及頒獎禮。
  • 比賽結果由獨立評審委員會決定,而其決定為最終決定。
  • 得獎結果將於2021年11月 (暫定)舉行之頒獎禮中公布。
  • 如參加者違反任何比賽細則,主辦機構有權取消其參賽資格。
  • 主辦機構保留更改細則及其他安排的權利,毋須事先通知參加者。
  • 參加者遞交之個人資料只適用於與比賽相關用途。
1. Primary School (Individual)
2. Secondary School (Individual)
3. Primary School (Group)
4. Secondary School (Group)

Enrolment and Submission of Entries
- Method 1: Enrol online and upload entries to the contest website;
- Method 2: Submit enrolment forms and entries by email (email address:; or
- Method 3: Post to LG 2/F, Shek Pai Wan Shopping Centre, Aberdeen, Hong Kong (please specify “Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2021” on the envelope).

Entry Requirements
- All entries must contain four panels of cartoons either in the form of manuscripts or computer printouts.
- All entries must be the participants' original works, which have never been published.
- Manuscripts must be drawn on white A4 drawing paper. There are no limitations on drawing tools.
- Computer-aided drawings must be in JPEG or PNG format with at least 300 dpi and a measurement of 29.7cm x 21cm (i.e. A4 size). The organiser reserves the right not to accept any entries which do not comply with the prescribed specifications.
- Use of Clip Art or similar build-in graphic in computer software is not allowed for computer aided drawings.

Judging Criteria
40% Content-fit the topic
20% Creative and original ideas
20% Drawing skills
20% Perception and Aesthetic Judgment of Art Compositions

Rules & Regulations
  • Entries may contain words and captions in Chinese or English for illustration.
  • All entries must not contain any content that is obscene, indecent, provocative, slandering or promoting individual, commercial, religious or political interests, lest the entries may be disqualified.
  • Participants must ensure that their works will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other persons.
  • Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA) has the right to use the entries for non-profit-making purposes, as well as the authority to revise, translate, edit, use, duplicate or distribute wholly or partly the contents of the entries without obtaining the participants' prior consent or paying any fees to them.
  • Participants must agree to unconditionally assign and transfer to OFNAA any intellectual property rights subsisting in the entries submitted for the contest. OFNAA will not return the entries to the participants.
  • The organiser will organise a series of workshops and an award ceremony.
  • Results of the contest will be decided by an independent adjudication panel, whose decision will be final.
  • Results of the contest will be announced at the award ceremony scheduled to be held in November 2021 (tentatively).
  • The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participants who have broken the rules of the contest.
  • The organiser reserves the right to amend the rules and other arrangements of the contest without prior notification to the participants.
  • Personal data submitted by the participants will only be used for purposes related to the contest.