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旅行日期: 2018/07/07 11:00

Millennial Girl’s Power

Do you know that the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the world’s largest female-empowering organization with over 100 year-long history and 10 million members spanning across 150 countries? Our team got the chance to visit the Korea Girl Scouts in their Headquarters at Seoul during our trip and it was particularly relevant since Winnie has been a Hong Kong Girl Guide since 13 years old and had represented Hong Kong to attend International Camp in Seoul in 2007 as well as the WAGGGS’ 100th Anniversary Youth Women World Forum in their World Centre in London, UK in 2011.


The Korea Girl Scouts was founded in 1946 with more than 25,000 members now. Similar to the girl guiding movement in Hong Kong, Korea Girl Scouts also targets at using the guiding training to develop girls to their fullest potential – and with such empowerment, girls are envisioned to take stronger lead to create change for the betterment of their society and the world.  In a competitive society like that of Hong Kong and Seoul, guiding is deemed a very effective approach to enhance girls’ leadership and soft-skills like interpersonal communication, character building and teamwork, which are all essential qualities to succeed in the real world yet hard to be mastered through traditional education method.


Some challenges the Korean Girl Scouts are now facing include keeping the traditional guiding training rejuvenated and relevant for the millenials (given how fast the world has changed in the past decade and the massive influence of technology and social media), retention of girls upon they enter universities and the working world. It is interesting to see that Korea Girl Scouts are endorsed by popular k-pop boy band groups (eg. MONSTA X, CNBLUE) to make it more appealing to the young girls! They have also developed an exclusive mobile app for communication to better suit the switching appetite of their members. We believe other youth organizations and groups may also consider using these strategies to keep themselves more visible and relevant for the younger population!



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Four girls coming from different upbringing and professional background, the girls from the stars are crashing into the k-pop wonderland with a similar but unfamiliar language to find out the things you don't know about the Korean guys and ladies!
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