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旅行日期: 2018/07/06 20:00

Korean – The Sense of WE

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Kpop groups in Korea? This was one of the questions we had before heading to Korea. One of the reasons is revealed during our field trip. Korea has a sense of “us-ness” stronger than other culture that makes groups formation an inclined option over solo singers. This sense of group identity is apparent. We came across Woori Bank, a local leading bank in Korea. We found out the word “Woori bank” means “our bank” when translated into English. This is a practical illustration of Korean’s high regard of being bonded with each other.


Four girls coming from different upbringing and professional background, the girls from the stars are crashing into the k-pop wonderland with a similar but unfamiliar language to find out the things you don't know about the Korean guys and ladies!
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