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旅行日期: 2017/06/20 00:00

Evaluating Health Education Impacts

Project Little Dream has been conducting various health education activities throughout Takeo villages via means of household visits, game days, public lectures, etc. We reached the village Preyroon today to evaluate the effectiveness of our health education campaigns. Going door to door, we reached out to the villagers to see what they can recall from our previous campaigns and to understand their healthcare needs better. Water samples were also collected to assess the sanitary conditions of their drinking water.


The sweet villagers mostly greeted us with great smiles and warm welcomes. It is heartwarming to see our sanitary and healthcare education have assisted them in improving their health throughout the years. However, their kindheartedness made it all the more disheartening for all of us to realize the harsh realities they still had to face on a day to day basis. Most of them still lack the proper means to process rainwater for drinking, and some could not afford healthcare even in the direst moments. The few households which pragmatically requested money, gifts and medicine made it even clearer that our efforts alone are not enough to create drastic changes for the villagers. Multilateral efforts, especially those from the government, are always required to change the villagers lives for the better in the long run.


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