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旅行日期: 2016/06/02 00:00


International Coordinator of Communication team, Friends International

James Sutherland


James mentioned about the work of Friends international, Childsafe Movement, and childsafe alliance

He mentioned research studies about orphans in Cambodia. 72% orphans are faked and many orphanages are illegal without license. He also mentioned to us the policy of Cambodia government that aims to end all orphanages by 2014 but it fails to do so. Still, they are trying to eliminate orphanages.


He explained to us why orphanage is the last resort and harmful for children on the ground that there are other ways more important than putting a kid to orphanage. The ways Include extended family and community members. He also argued that setting is harmful for children’s development.


On the issue of orphanage tourism, he urges people please think before they visit the orphanages because it will make the issue worst. He also warns overseas volunteers to think more about their service in the local community. Can your service bring sustainable impacts on the service target? Are you qualified to provide the service you are going to offer? Do you have any other better plan to bring better impact on the local community? He finds that many volunteers went to Cambodia to build something but the truth is those volunteers are actually useless for the construction at all. They could make better use of their monetary resource instead of traveling from their home country to Cambodia to build something.



He lastly recommended overseas volunteers to help local NGOs conduct Research or survey to collect data if they really want to serve in Cambodia.⁠⁠⁠    


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【對了,這是一個去柬埔寨的Trip。但不義教x不探孤兒院x不做任何建設】 你有聽說過柬埔寨的孤兒院公益旅行嗎? 小王子說大人愛看數字:由2005年至2010年計,柬埔寨孤兒院竟75%的增長。活在孤兒院的孩71%仍有父母在生(Forbes, 2013;Unicef, 2012)。同期,外國旅客入境人數亦有2.5倍的增長。如抱著更多義工去幫忙能舒緩孤兒問題、或更多消費可以刺激經濟改善⺠生的邏輯思維,照道理孤兒院數應該減少。現況剛好相反,不減反增,正正反映出國際義工的參與成效有待商榷。愈來愈多人推公益旅行,探訪孤兒院變成必到景點之一,對孤兒院的「需求」大增。因著國際義工或旅客的住宿膳⻝開支及捐款,探訪孤兒演變成一樁收入可觀的生意,孤兒院愈開愈多。例如:Tuk Tuk(柬埔寨日常交通,類似計程⻋)司機會向你推銷20美元的「探訪孤兒院一日團」,帶旅客到5間孤兒院參觀連午餐(Forbes,2013)。孤兒院其實是孩子最最最壞情況下的選擇…… 想告訴大家,柬埔寨只是一個例子。我們不是想在雞蛋裡挑骨頭,背後做了很多很多research,不忍心看到*好心做壞事*相信沒有一個Service Trip是這樣。 #多謝大家睇到呢到 在近幾年發現身邊各院校同學均躍躍欲試的跑到東南亞進行服務,在大社會強推「全民公益」的同時, 我們想做一條鮭魚,逆流的想大家「停一停」✋ 走到前線「想一想」人們的真實需要是甚麼。今次我們到訪柬埔寨並非進行前線義工服務,而是研究海外義工於當地服務的成效與模式、與當地紮根的兒童機構探討宣揚可持續性服務的方法、瞭解當地人如何一步一腳印地打擊孤兒院旅行業化的問題,思考如何合作,將這些帶到香港。
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