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旅行日期: 2017/06/22 00:00

Reproductive Health Education

Greeted by the sweet smiles of children, we arrived Thun Mon today to educate its youth on the subject of reproductive health.


Still a relatively touchy subject, little youngsters knew about the details of reproductive health, as evident from their pre-class questionnaires. With the help of our translators, it is nice to see the level of engagement the classes had for our content. It is also great to see them gradually warming up to the discussion and ask questions.


All of us Project Little Dream volunteers benefited from the discussion which allowed us to get a better glimpse of their personal worries on the subject. This bolds well for the future planning of our curriculum. Our outreach experiences are always good reminders that some lack even the most basic education, and efforts in pushing forward basic health education should never be neglected.

Click on the link below to see a short video of our endeavor:



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