Backpacking – a journey of friendship

Photo: Maritime Silk Road Society

Organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, ‘The Backpackers’ is a trip entirely led and organised by young people. Through backpacking along the ‘One Belt, One Road’, young people can gain a deeper understanding of the history, local customs and culture. It is also an opportunity for young people to establish connections and friendships as well as promote interaction and cooperation.


With the development of the ‘One Belt, One Road’, the ‘One Belt One Road One Friendship’ programme allows young people to widen their horizons. Through organising a trip to the cities and countries along the Belt, young people can learn about the history, culture and customs. Young people are required to design a detailed itinerary and contact local youth groups. Through organising interactive activities, young people can bond with locals and better understand their culture. We hope that all the young people can uphold the following missions:

Backpacker Spirit

Through backpacking, young people can have more self-discipline. They are more willing to accept challenge, explore and reflect. The programme allows young people to freely create a diverse itinerary. Rather than visiting all the tourist attractions, young people can experience the culture first-hand and compare different cultures.


Young people can freely and creatively cooperate with local organisations to hold activities that contribute to communal improvement. Through interacting with locals, especially young people, valuable friendships can be formed.


In order to establish good relationships with local organisations and youth groups, young people are required to cooperate with locals/teens to complete at least one task such as community visits, art creation, music performance and cultural exchange in schools.

Experience Sharing

Young people share their itinerary via a journal and social media. During the trip, each team has to upload photos and videos via instagram to share their experiences and feelings.