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旅行日期: 2016/07/31 00:00

Hello Hong Kong fron Singapore


Hello Hong Kong from Singapore! It was really a great experience for us to participate in the urban sketching activities in Singapore. We met a lot of kind sketchers who are willing to share with us their stories, their sketches and their feeling. Let give a big applaud to them with our “Hello Hong Kong” video.



Special Thanks to:

新加坡速寫團體 Urban Sketching Singapore

新加坡速寫畫家 (排名不分先後) Singapore Urban Sketchers

Zaihan Kariyani

James Ethos Klaus

Tung Yue Neng (Tungtong Singapore)

George Huang

Lim Lim Tay

Chris Ng

Michael Lee

Ban Pang

Zhi Jie Issac

Peiwan Chia

Puiying Goh

June Goh

Tilen Ti

Kwan Poon Choon

Zolo Enid

Sweta Jha

& many many of you supporting our trip


Please accept our apology for missing your names if any


Are U ready?!我地準備好喇!尋找星洲的故事 ─ 我地將聯合新加坡既Urban Sketcher 一齊穿梭新加坡特色文化區域,用速寫既形式將擁有新加坡特色的建築丶食物畫低,同時收集星洲人的故事製作成一張張獨特的Postcard,帶番黎香港比大家欣賞!
Don't be afraid to make new friends that you may come across surprise!
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