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旅行日期: 2017/06/21 00:00

Game day and health check

We visited a village near Takeo called Tuen Mun on day 6. Targeting the villagers there, we conducted a eye health check with the help of local doctors, and conducted game booths, in the hope of reinforcing villagers’ awareness on water and sanitation. Throughout the whole process, we have plenty of chances to talk to the villagers. With the help of translators, we exchanged our thoughts on our cultures, and importance of water and sanitation. Apart from the vibrant interactions with villagers, we had a chance to enjoy the scenic nature of Tuen Mun. Having lived in such a densely-packed city as in Hong Kong, seldom can we see a farming field with boundless trees and soil. Definitely a superb experience.  


 IMG_0505 2During 


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