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旅行日期: 2017/06/23 00:00

Exotic local cultures of Cambodia

This photo basically marks the end of our trip. We had our most delicious lunch when we came back Phnom Penh from Takeo. The most signature dish is Ah Moc. It is a non spicy curry with small cubes of chicken, carrot and potatoes in a coconut shell. This makes the curry full of coconut aroma.

After lunch, we shopped in the central market nearby, where we could buy some souvenirs. The central market looks like a flea market, selling a great variety of commodities such as clothes, jewelry and counterfeit watches. Eventually, most of us eventually bought dried durian and jack fruit as our gifts.

P.S. The working culture in Cambodian is slow and carefree. We almost could not catch up the return flight as our driver drove to the opposite direction initially. When he realized the mistake, he just slowly drove back to the right direction, ignoring our impatience and worries, despite the departure time was only 1.5 hour later!WhatsApp Image 2017-06-29 at 10.05.03 PM


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