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Everyday life of Maldivians

Maldives is a Muslim country. Most people, reminded by broadcast from mosques, pray 5 times a day. A lot of shops close temporarily during the prayer time. Friday marks the start of a weekend, people gather at mosques and nobody works until 2pm (don’t expect you can catch a ferry or have a meal before 2pm).

Prayer area in the Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre

Maldivians don’t need to learn how to relax. They are born to sit down and have coffee, or lie on jolies (net-made beach chairs) and stare at the sea, for the whole day.

Jollies everywhere in beaches

A lot of them love diving and water sports. Most people like BBQ and fishing with friends too.

Many stay up till 2/3am, smoking or having shisha, (but no alcohol is allowed by law).

While the best relax area for the locals might be the beaches, one can’t wear bikinis in the public beaches. You have to wear t-shirts on top of your swimming suits, or else the police will come to remind you. Some local women even swim in burqas (whole set of black Muslim clothing).

No bikini beach


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