Young People aged between 18-35(at the date of departure)  


Participants form a team of 2-6 people  

-Priority will be given to 3-6 people

Team Formation:

  1. At least half of the team are Hong Kong residents (e.g. in the team of 3, only 1 non-HK resident can join while a max of 2 members can be non-HK residents in a team of 4)
  2. Each team must include a photographer and a script writer
  3. All members must agree to record, photograph and write about the journey and post them on organizer’s website one week after the journey. Also, all members should update at least 3 photos via Instagram.
  4. One of the members must have first-aid knowledge or skills (Remarks: First-aid certificate is not required, but first-aid knowledge or skills are required. We encourage participants to acquire first-aid knowledge by)

Date of Departure:

2018 Summer (Season 1): June 2018 – August 2018