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Cuisines of Maldives

The food you can find in Maldives is a mix of Sri Lankan, Indian and Oriental cuisines.
As a muslim country, Maldives has no pork or pig or dog. In this island nation, almost all meat is imported. If you want something fresh, go for the fish (tuna is the most popular type), although the texture is a bit rough for the freshly caught fish.
Several suggestions for local taste:
Kottu – stir-fried shredded roti bread with vegetables/ meat (a bit spicy)
Nasigoreng/ Bamigoreng – Indonesian stir-fried rice/ noodles
Hedhikaa – local snacks (sweet/salty) as breakfast or tea
For example: pastries stuffed with fish, coconuts and onion; deep fried fish rolls; spicy fish cake; pastry balls stuffed with smoked fish (yes, most are fish-related).
After meal, Maldivians like to chew areca nuts wrapped in betel leaves, cloves and cardamom. (The taste is very “special” but you can try out once to be a real Maldivian.)


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