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STC Group 介紹



STC is a conglomerate of established exporting companies in the field of agricultural products such as tapioca and rice, and soon later becomes a leading rice and tapioca exporter of the country. Prior to the establishment of the Group, the pioneering team of co-founders operated a rice milling business in the local area upcountry, and gradually developed into a solid trading group, earning recognition for its integrity and trustworthiness.

STC Group has been one of continual drive and expansion into various businesses supported by companies’ resources in our integrated business. The agro-industry, in particular, not only creates a solid base for the Group, but also instigates agricultural development success for the nation as betokened by three-leaf symbol signifying a thriving growth for the future.


STC Group 旗下的大米業務

Established in 1977, the Rice Business Group is the pioneer in the use of the silo storage system with the application of quality control and grading technologies with a primary goal in developing the quality of the product, service and on schedule delivery of goods.

The Rice Business Group comprises Capital Rice Co., Ltd., a leading company and one of the top rice exporters of Thailand with a capacity of up to 2 million tons in export per year in 2011 which was the highest ever in Thailand’s rice exporting history. The Company also received the Prime Minister’s Export Award as Best Exporter twice, in recognition of its capacity in producing high quality products of internationally accepted standards.

The role of the Rice Business Group is not limited only producing quality rice but also includes contributing to social development through promotion of organic agriculture projects, recognized as the first to initiate an organic Jasmine rice production project in the country. Furthermore, recognizing the market opportunities, the Group has expanded the project to include investment in Cambodia to establish a modern rice milling plant to export quality rice products to the global market.

At present, the Rice Business Group of STC Group is well acknowledged by customers as a leader in terms of quality goods and dependable service. We are proud to play this important role in driving Thailand’s economy and are dedicated to further develop our capacity in meeting the needs of our clients in the changing world market.


 Capital Rice Co., Ltd. 的發展歷程

1977 Established Capital Rice Co., Ltd. to engage in rice trading and export
1979 Capital Rice established the first rice quality improvement plant in Phra Pradaeng District of Samut Prakan Province
1985 Became the pioneer and the first in Thailand to use the silo storage system with the application of quality control and grading technologies for production efficiency enhancement
1986 Became the first in Thailand in reforming the loading system from rice jumbo bags delivery to bulk transport regarded as a complete change of the rice business in Thailand. The automatic conveyance system was also introduced and adopted for more efficient delivery.
1988 Received the Best Quality of Thai Exported Products Award in the rice category
1991 Started the Organic Jasmine Rice Production Program for the first time in Thailand
1993 Started the organic farming promotion program, the first of its kind in Thailand, under the collaboration of Chaiwiwat Agricultural Industry Company Limited, Capital Rice Company Limited, a group of local farmers in Chiangrai-Payao, and our prominent trading partner from Italy, Riseria Monferato, to produce international quality standard organic Jasmine rice for export to global markets.
1994 Expanded our export market to America
1995 Expanded export parboiled rice to Nigeria which subsequently became the main co-trader of Thailand
1998 Became the largest rice exporter of Thailand for 4 consecutive years with an average record of 1.4 million tons a year
1999 Established the second rice re-processing facility in Bangsai District of Phra Nakhon Si Aydhya Province under the name of Capital Cereals Co., Ltd.
2000 Received the Prime Minister’s Export Award for outstanding performance as the Best Exporter 2000
2003 The Bangkok Post selected the Rice Business Group as one of 57 outstanding export businesses in Thailand.
2003 The Brooker Group, a market research company, publish a report commending the Company as one of the top 150 most famous family businesses in Thailand.
2004 Exported goods to over 150 countries of international markets worldwide, namely America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Pacific Islands, etc.
2004 Received the prestigious Best Exporter Award, categorized as the export honorary recognition on the 10th anniversary of Prime Minister Export Award
2009 Received SR Mark (Social Responsibility Mark) Award, given by the Department of Export Promotion, symbolizing partnership through contract farming, to improve the quality of life for Thai farmers, and to contribute to building a sustainable economy.
2011 Exported the greatest volume of rice – up to 2 million tons, the largest amount in Thailand’s history
2011 The organic Jasmine rice under the brand name of Great Harvest, received Product Award 2009 – 2010 from the Ministry of Commerce, in category of the packed Jasmine rice in the form of palming in sign of salutation, which maintains consistently invariable quality standard for the 6th consecutive year.
2012 Established Capital Chai Nat Rice Mill Co., Ltd. to produce parboiled rice in Sanpaya district of Chai Nat Province
2014 Expanded investment into Cambodia by establishing a modern state-of-the-art rice mill to export quality rice to the world market




Capital Rice Ltd 是泰國最大的大米出口公司之一,我們有幸採訪了公司的副總經理Wanlop先生。



Wanlop Pichpongsa Bangkok













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