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旅行日期: 2017/08/22 12:00

[捷克]Gothic castle

Gothic castle

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Far away from the hustle and bustle of the Prague city, on our 7th day we went to see renowned gothic palace, Karlstejn Castle. The 14th century fortress was built by the holy emperor king Charles the IV as a hideout place to safe keep Roman treasures. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes of train journey from two dedicated stations connected to the subway of the main city. Considering the subway run also, it can take not less than an hour to reach the castle’s location. In between the train ride, one can enjoy magnificent meadow with tiny beautiful houses similar to ‘The Shire’ from the movie Hobbit. Then getting out of the station Karlstejn, there is another 15 minutes of hike before reaching the final destination.

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The castle clearly spreads on the view while hiking towards it due to its colossal size and top of the hill position. Once in the so called ‘Meeting point or Meeting garden’ of the fort, there is a counter to buy tickets for the guided tour of insides of the palace. But the guided tour is categorised into three sections and each one is rather expensive. However, we decided to have a tour of the private areas of the castle such as King Charles’s bedroom, praying room, meeting room and soldier’s dorm. In our tour we saw two interesting things, first was the crossbow. The very exact crossbow that was long ago used by a soldier during the invasion by the Swedish army. And the second was the King’s meeting room. King Charles’s was well educated and had studied psychology. So, he designed the conference room in such a way that the light from the only two windows of the chamber shone the subject whereas he would be in the middle in complete shade. It is believed to be a psychological way to examine a person. For instance if the person is lying. 

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Visit to the castle was a very unique experience. It was almost same as leaping into the past as the stories of what happened to the fortress in the past were verbally explained while actually being present in the same place.


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