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旅行日期: 2017/08/18 18:00


Beer Museum

Prague has considerable numbers of museum. And each one is equally intriguing than the other. Among all, beer museum was a must visit for us being beer lovers. The ticket is reasonable that includes 4 different tasting of Czech beers. Also if the visitors are students, they get discounted price.


Inside, the lay out was similar to every typical museum. History, process and showcase of the final products. What got us excited was the beer tasting part. For that we were guided onto this underground area of the building, where the small and world war themed pub was situated. Then the 4 different types of traditional beer was served. Starting from light to semi-light to semi-dark to dark. We got more curious about the types of beer because we normally were only used to yellow coloured beer and dark beer. This was the moment we became beer enthusiasts as the server explained ingredients and the process that lead to its type. Our knowledge and love for the beer strengthened.


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