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Couchsurfing vs Resort life

Looking back to our whole trip, we certainly have made the most out of our Maldives experience, staying with a couchsurfing host, going to different local and resort islands, and meeting Maldivians and tourists from all around the world.

Our host, a foreigner working in Male, was very welcoming. He introduced us to his local colleagues, brought us out to try different good food and helped us arrange various activities. He really made us feel home and allowed us to fully experience the Maldivian culture.

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Having BBQ with our host and his colleagues

One day, we (randomly) met a local who was free that day. We just went with the flow and followed him to walk around Villingili (a beautiful local island). He led us to rest on beaches, eat local food and snorkel – a typical day of a Maldivian. He also introduced his friends to us. (People in Maldives are highly connected with each other, even across the islands.)


With the local and his French friend

A lot of tourists opt for another travel experience – book a bungalow and stay in a resort island for a week or two. We visited a resort island – Embudu village for a day trip (USD 65 including speedboat transfer and buffet lunch), and we were just stunned by the scenery and the relaxing atmosphere there. We could understand why people can just lie on a sandbank or a jollie or simply a beach chair for the whole day, looking out to the turquoise sea, reading a book or taking a nap. It is cool to take pictures there too. 


After all, Maldives is not just about the sun, the sea and the beaches; but also about the local divers, Muslims, and the tourists. So, if you ask whether one should stay with a host through couchsurfing or enjoy a holiday in a tourist resort when visiting Maldives, we would say “Why not both?” Just be flexible and open to be friends with different people (especially locals) – you will definitely enjoy backpacking.


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