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旅行日期: 2018/07/07 21:00

Busking & Shopping

As we are approaching the end of this amazing journey, it will be a big fat lie if we said that we never did any shopping in Seoul! Since the theme of our trip is about gender and women’s right, we chose to spend our shopping time in the Ewha Women University area, one of the most famous female-only university in Korea. It is hard to believe a whole university, all the subjects and activities only made for female students only! 

Of course the area is not only for women to hang out nowadays! Walking down from Ewha Womans University subway station to the main entrance of Ewha Womans University, there are a number of street stalls selling clothes and accessories for young females in very reasonable price. 

Another thing we found it interesting is the night life in the area. Busking and street performance is surprisingly popular. Well, maybe we should not be surprise to see the k-pop culture is not only on television, it is also living among the life of the Korean new generation. 





Four girls coming from different upbringing and professional background, the girls from the stars are crashing into the k-pop wonderland with a similar but unfamiliar language to find out the things you don't know about the Korean guys and ladies!
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