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旅行日期: 2018/07/06 15:00

A Real Girl’s Talk!

In order to understand Korea’s gender equality situation and how it is perceived in the society, we decided to talk to the locals. We managed to visit Bloomberg Seoul Office, and interviewed 3 female employees. Here are some of our learnings:

  1. There is a growing amount of TV dramas portraying strong woman. These TV shows portray an utopian society that is vastly different from what the society is in reality.
  2. The general population recognized the importance of gender equality. The “Me too” action became a national phenomenon, many Korean females shared their experience being sexually harassed or mistreated on social media. However, the overarching emphasis of respecting woman has invited unintended consequences. There are cases where men colleagues refrained from inviting female colleagues to join their social gatherings.




Four girls coming from different upbringing and professional background, the girls from the stars are crashing into the k-pop wonderland with a similar but unfamiliar language to find out the things you don't know about the Korean guys and ladies!
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